6 Must Haves to get Pregnant

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I know you’re probably thinking “You just have to have sex on the right days to get pregnant” .

Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, having sex on the “right” days is important but it’s just one of the 6 must haves!

Ok, here we go!

#1 Healthy Eggs

If you have followed me for any length of time you know that egg quality is my all-time passion in life! Seriously, though, I feel that the #1 thing a woman can do for her fertility and the health of her future babies starts with healthy eggs! And guess, what, healthy eggs come from a healthy mom-to-be.

#2 Healthy Sperm

Well, of course, we all know that eggs are only 50% of the equation…… sperm is the other super important ingredient in making a baby. So, here’s the deal—men are luckier because they make brand new sperm every few months! They have the opportunity change the quality of their sperm in a relatively short period of time. And, yes, the QUALITY of sperm does impact fertility and how healthy your child will be so it’s just as important for men to focus on their health and make ‘Super Sperm’ if you want to get pregnant.

# 3 Fertile cervical mucus

You know that discharge you get throughout the month? Well, it means something and it matters to your fertility. Hormonal changes throughout your cycle affect the amount and consistency of your cervical mucus. During your fertile days ideally you want your cervical mucus to be like an 'egg-white' consistency to help sperm get through.

#4 Ovulation

So, ovulation is pretty important because this is the time the egg is released from the ovary and starts traveling up to the uterus. If the egg is not released due to PCOS or other factors then fertilization can’t occur and you can’t get pregnant.

#5 Successful Union

So, this is another term for fertilization and a successful conception. Ok, so this is where having sex is important. You’re going to have to have sex at the “right” time and have healthy sperm make their way up to the traveling healthy egg and penetrate it through its outer ‘shell’. Sounds easy enough… and it should be but a successful union depends on the previous 4 must haves.

#6 Successful Implantation

So, once you have a successful union and there is an embryo (which is your baby) this embryo needs to complete its journey to the uterus by day 21 of your cycle so it can “bury” itself and get cozy for next 9 months. This must have is so crucial and so many people disregard this important step. If your cycle is less than 26 days it is very difficult- almost impossible for an embryo to successfully implant into the uterus before your next period is already getting ready to start. Timing is everything!