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Infertility– it’s usually never just 1 thing

Fertility issues are rarely due to just one cause. In many cases there are multiple factors playing a role and if you want to truly optimize your health for baby then it is important to address all the

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Miscarriages linked to poor sperm quality

Sperm quality linked to miscarriage

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Everyday household chemicals can affect fertility and future baby’s health.

We have even more evidence showing that mom-to-be’s exposure to certain everyday household chemicals can affect fertility and baby’s long-term health.Mom-to-be’s exposure to phthalates during pregnancy

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3 Steps to an easy menopause

As women we are always in a specific phase of life and perimenopause & menopause is no different. But, during this phase of our lives it is important to focus some the attention back on ourselves.

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6 Must Haves to get Pregnant

I know you’re probably thinking “You just have to have sex on the right days to get pregnant” .Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, having sex on the “right” days is important but it’s just

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Birth Control Pills can derail fertility

Isn’t it crazy…. we spend our lives trying so hard NOT to get pregnant and when we do want to get pregnant it can be so difficult for many women! Today, I want to talk about birth control and its effect

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Females Hormones- Part I

Female hormones….. what are they and what do they do? Ahh, hormones…. Many of us know what they are and sort of know what they do. Hormones are chemical messengers and they are like a well-orchestrated

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Methylation defects….. how it impacts fertility and making a healthy baby Genes Genes…. they are passed down to us from our parents.  Genes provide the instructions to the cell and tell the cell

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.….Understand it…. Reverse it… Get Pregnant! What is PCOS? PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is the most common endocrine health issue that many women face today. It now affects 1 out

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