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Don't settle for "Everything looks normal" 
Get your blood analyzed and get information that makes a real difference to your health

Have you been told “your blood tests are normal” but you know something just isn’t right? Do you have chronic health illnesses that run in your family that you would like to try and prevent? Have you been struggling with infertility and want the whole story? Are you struggling with weight issues but your thyroid "looks normal"?

Watch the interview I did with Natalie Jill explaining what Blood Work Analysis is
and why it is so beneficial!

Blood test results can provide a wealth of information about your health, but the key is to analyze your results based on “optimal” ranges and not the “reference ranges” provided by the lab. The lab reference ranges used today are very broad and typically represent the population of patients the lab is testing and will vary depending on the area you live in.

Don’t settle for “Everything looks normal”

Blood Work Analysis is based on comparing your lab results to optimal ranges as well as looking at patterns within your results. This helps to understand your true state of health and what changes need to be made now to prevent possibly more serious conditions in the future.

Examples of imbalances that can be revealed by a Functional Analysis of your blood work include: Blood sugar dysregulation, Digestive disturbances, Nutrient malabsorption or deficiencies, Adrenal deficiencies, Thyroid imbalances, Nutrient deficiencies, and more.

How can Blood work analysis help you?

Let me give you a real world example......

Lisa came to see me because she was tired all the time. She was already taking thyroid medication but she didn't feel any better. Her blood work analysis revealed that she was not digesting and absorbing her nutrients properly and that her liver was sluggish. Thyroid function depends on good liver function and good nutrient status. She worked on her digestion and supported her liver and stared feeling much better.... her doctor even lowered her thyroid medication because her thyroid started working better.

Blood work analysis helps to identify the real underlying cause of many common health complaints. 

Examples of some of the reports you receive with a Blood Work Analysis:

Visual Comparative Report

This report gives you a detailed visual of how your results compare to optimal ranges and which markers to focus on.

Functional Index Report

This report details which areas of your health need attention

Individual Nutrient Deficiencies

This report details which specific nutrients you may be deficient in.

Are you ready to take charge of your health and get the answers you need?

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What's the process?

Once you pay  for the Blood work analysis you will get an email from me within a day and I will send you a disclaimer to be signed and the list of items to get done in your blood work. You can get your blood work done through your regular doctor or you can request your own blood work online.
Once you get your results you will send them to me and I will do the blood work analysis. I will send you the Blood work analysis report and a summary of my thoughts. I will set up a time with you to go over your report.

**I cannot diagnose or offer treatment suggestions based on this report. 

What do you receive?

You receive your customized Blood Work Analysis that includes the following reports: Blood Tests comparative report, Functional Index Report, Nutrient Index Report, Summary Report. And, a summary report from me!

BONUS: A 15-minute phone call with me, Dr. Singh! I will review your report with you and help you understand what it means.  

(I cannot diagnose or treat you based on this information but I can summarize what the report is telling you.
Also, by getting your blood work analysis done it does not create a doctor-patient relationship between me and you)

What do you do with your results?

Your results will provide you with a direction to pursue. It will help you to understand what are some of the underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms and what areas you should focus on.
It is important to understand that the reports do not provide any treatment suggestions.

It is important that you work with a holistic minded practitioner (Naturopathic Doctor ideally)  who can use these reports to create a customized treatment plan for you.

I cannot offer treatment suggestions to you (unless you become a client of mine)

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Dr. Reena Singh, ND

About me

I am passionate about health and especially preventative health. Almost 50% of Americans struggle with a chronic health condition and try to manage the symptoms without digging deeper to uncover the underlying cause. I overcame a serious disease by addressing the underlying cause and supporting my overall health. I am on a mission to help others identify and address their underlying foundation and optimize their health. 
Blood work analysis is one the first steps to identify your specific fertility roadblocks. Get the answers you need.

John Doe UI/UX Designer
Dr. Reena Singh has been a critical resource of health for me. I've been a pretty healthy person my whole life, but about 5 years ago things started to shift for me--I started experiencing major fatigue and gut issues. I got a full blood panel done and when my GP looked at it he said it was fine. When Dr. Singh looked at it she saw warning signs. She explained to me that the parameters of "normal" as determined by allopathy were too wide and didn't take into account individual physiology. It also didn't look at the connection between certain functions and results. With her deeper knowledge she was able to recognize that I had a thyroid deficiency, that my adrenals were overtaxed, and that I had high levels of inflammation in my body. With her guidance, I was able to support my adrenals and thyroid and reduce my inflammation and am on the road to optimal health. 

Del Mar, CA

John Doe UI/UX Designer
As a 41 year old mommy wanting to have another baby I gave in to the fear of needing to do IVF to have baby #2. Dr Reena Singh let me know that my age is not a reason to jump to IVF... That we need to see if there is a problem in the first place. After doing the blood work analysis with Dr. Singh I realized I jumped the gun into meds when if I had all the information before I could have avoided a lot of stress and $50,000 dollars! She's well worth the investment!

Shanda Sumpter
San Diego, CA

Yes, I'm ready to take charge of my health. I want my blood work analysis done!


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