There are many familiar examples of using botanicals as therapies in everyday life such as using lavender for relaxation or applying Aloe on a sunburn or boiling eucalyptus leaves to help open up the sinuses. Botanical preparations can also be used for deeper, more debilitating conditions as well.

Botanical herbs are medicinal preparations made from various plant parts that can induce healing in the body. Different parts of a medicinal plant can exert different pharmacological actions on the body and specific plants can have affinities for specific organs in the body. Botanicals can be made from any part of the plant such as the root, stem, leaves, flowers, or seeds, which can then be prepared into different forms such as teas, tinctures, essential oils or compresses. An ND is trained in Botanical therapies and can prepare a custom botanical formulation for the client’s unique health needs.  In general, herbs are safe and effective but it is advisable to work with someone who understands their use and their contraindications.

Dr. Singh, ND utilizes botanical preparations with many of her clients.