Blood Work Analysis

Information that makes a real difference


Have you been told your "your blood tests are normal" but you want a real analysis done to make sure?

Do you want to use your blood work results for real preventive care?
Have you been struggling with infertility and want the whole story?

Why is Blood Work Analysis necessary?

Blood test results can provide a wealth of information about your health, but the key is to analyze your results based on “optimal” ranges and not the “reference ranges” provided by the lab.

The lab reference ranges used today are very broad and typically represent the population of patients the lab is testing and will vary depending on the area you live in.

Do you want to be compared to America’s sick population and then be told you’re “well” just because your results say “normal”?

Don’t settle for “Everything looks normal”​

What is Blood Work Analysis?

Blood Work Analysis is based on comparing your lab results to optimal ranges as well as looking at patterns within your results. This helps the doctor understand your true state of health and what changes need to be made to prevent possibly more serious conditions in the future.

Examples of imbalances that can be revealed by a Functional Analysis of your blood work include: Blood sugar imbalances, Cardiovascular conditions, Metabolic syndrome, Digestive disturbances, Nutrient malabsorption, Adrenal health, Thyroid conditions, Bone loss, Nutrient deficiencies, Dehydration, and more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know about possible imbalances years before they turn into a serious condition so you can do something about it to prevent it?

With regards to fertility and your baby, this analysis is very important because it provides information on how well you are digesting your nutrients, how your blood sugar will impact a safe pregnancy, if hormonal imbalances or anemia will set the stage for a difficult conception or affect your baby's development.

These imbalances should be corrected prior to conception in order to
optimize your body for conception and your baby.

What do I need to have to my Blood Work Analysis done?

Well, you need to have recent blood work done. Ideally, within the past 3 months. 

You can get your blood work done through your doctor. Once you get the results you send it to me for analysis.

You can also order your own blood work and get the results sent to you directly. Once you get the results you send it to me for analysis.

What reports do I receive?

Functional Analysis of your Blood Work

This detailed report provides invaluable information including metabolic, nutrient, and biochemical deficiencies or imbalances. 

The colorful report allows for easy interpretation of the results and helps me to identify specific patterns of deficiency or imbalance.​

Functional Index Report

This report uses the information from the Functional Analysis of your Blood Work and identifies which functional areas need attention.

It provides a nice visual of what needs to be addressed first.

Nutrient Index Report

This report uses the information from the Functional Analysis of your Blood Work and identifies your individual nutrient needs.

Nutritional status is influenced by dietary intake, digestion, assimilation and cellular uptake of the nutrients.

This information is very valuable in determining where there may be some "holes or cracks" in your foundation.

Out of Optimal Range Report

This report translates the out of optimal results into 'words' and makes it easy to understand what and where the imbalances are.


Who can benefit from Blood Work Analysis?

The short answer is "ANYONE"!

Anyone can benefit from getting their blood work analyzed and getting "Real useful information" from it.

Who could benefit?

  • If you want to optimize your health status before trying to conceive your bundle of joy
  • If you have a chronic health condition or a condition that runs in your family. Blood Work Analysis can help to identify the areas of imbalance or deficiency now so that you can take the necessary steps to reverse the disease process.
  • If you want to maintain your healthy state and stay on top of any changes occurring in your blood chemistry. Blood work analysis allows you to compare blood work results from different years so you can easily identify a trend or pattern arising.
  • If you have many health conditions going on and you just don't know where to begin or how to prioritize what needs to be done. Blood Work Analysis provides very practical information on what you should focus on first.


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