canstockphoto18301801Environmental Medicine

Environmental medicine is a field of medicine that has become more and more prominent as more and more chemicals are introduced into our environment. Chemicals and heavy metals are ubiquitous in our environment and Environmental medicine is a field that studies how environmental factors influence disease. Many of the toxins we are exposed to from our air, food, and water can build up in our bodies.  There are approximately 80,000 chemicals used daily in the US and only a fraction of these chemicals have been tested in adults. Multiple chemical sensitivities, reproductive difficulties, chronic fatigue, and behavioral conditions are just some of the health issues correlated to the toxin overload we have accumulated in our bodies.  The Centers for Disease Control estimate that over 80% of all illnesses have environmental and lifestyle causes.

We do not understand the full extent or the long term effects of these chemicals on our infants, children, and developing fetuses since they are not tested on our most vulnerable population before being released into the environment.

Dr. Singh, ND focuses on educating her clients and the community about the effects of chemicals in our bodies. She is especially passionate about reducing the chemical exposures in infants, children, and pregnant women.