Is your body ready to make a baby?

It can be ......... 

Follow the 3 month program designed to clean up and then build up your system so you can get pregnant and have a
healthy, happy, smart baby!

Preconception Care Program

Month 1: Clean up

The goal of Month 1 is to "clean up" your system before you start "building up". Inflammation, chemicals, and inflammatory foods mess with  your hormone balance and load the body with chemicals and endocrine disruptors that can prevent you from getting pregnant.

Cleaning up means reducing inflammation, clearing out unwanted chemicals and toxins. Removing common inflammatory foods and taking specific products daily help to support the body to eliminate the junk and gunk from your system. A less inflammed and 'clean' body makes conception easier because everything is more calm and balanced.

Babies are coming into this world full of chemicals and toxins that impact their health and development. Taking the time now to reduce this junk from your body helps to decrease the exposure to your baby.

  • Clear out the toxins
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Gain some much needed energy
  • Get in control of your cravings
  • Support hormonal balance
  • 11 unique items (12 items total)
  • Optimize thyroid hormone conversion
  • Lose unwanted weight & inches
  • Allow your body to "reset" and prepare for a baby
  • Improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and more
  • Feel calmer, inspired, and more in control

Months 2 & 3: Build up

The goal of Months 2 & 3 is to "build up" your system. The focus here is to optimize your health and nutrient status that have been researched to improve egg quality, fertility and your baby's development.

Egg quality is everything when it comes to fertility so building up your nutrient status to "feed" your eggs and entire system helps to set the stage for proper hormone communication between the brain and ovaries as well as within your entire reproductive system.

Your body needs key nutrients to get pregnant, stay pregnant and build a healthy baby.

We have an epidemic of of unhealthy babies coming into this world. Your nutritional status and egg quality can drastically improve the health of your future baby. Take the time now to optimize your health and give your baby the best start! Preconception care is the best gift you can give to your family!

  • Nutrients to improve egg quality 
  • Flood your system with key nutrients researched to help conception & implantation
  • Homeopathics to support the brain to ovary communication
  • 12 unique items (20 items total)
  • Specific Mineral support
  • Support alkaline system
  • Adrenal support
  • Prenatals and fish oil 
  • Support for gut health

How is this program different from other
"Detoxes" or "Cleanses"?

Oh, it's VERY, VERY different. The entire program is designed to prime and optimize your body for conception and most importantly, a healthy baby!

Most cleanses or detoxes in the market are not comprehensive programs designed to support the entire body. They are designed to restrict calories or they are too short. A 3 day or 7 day cleanse is not nearly long enough to make significant changes in the body. These short, intense detoxes could make you feel worse if your body is supported throughout the process.  It's better for the body to release slowly and it needs key nutrients to help it flush out toxins, reduce inflammation, and to heal.

The products included in the Zama Baby Clean Up Phase
have been chosen to support liver, kidney, gut detoxification. The liver has 2 main phases of detoxification and it is important to ensure that both phases are supported otherwise it could actually cause more problems for you.
The products included are gentle on the system and work together to allow the body to slowly release "built up gunk". Forcing the body to release and dump a bunch of toxins too quickly is not a good idea. 
Homeopathic drainage remedies are included with this cleanse which makes this cleanse so much more beneficial because these remedies go down to the cellular level and really help the cells to 'release and let go' of stored physical and emotional toxins. We have 50 trillion cells so getting down to the cellular level is super duper important.
Other supporting nutrients are included in the cleanse phase to ensure the cells get the support they need to successfully "let go" of the junk that may be preventing you from getting pregnant or that could impact your baby's development.

And, the best part? You can eat as much as you want..... of the foods you're allowed to eat! NO calorie restriction with the Zama Baby Cleanse!

​You receive 11 unique items for the "Clean Up" Phase (12 items total)

The "Build Up" Phase is designed entirely to boost your nutrient stores and improve egg (& sperm) quality!  Like I talked about earlier, egg quality is crucial for conception, staying pregnant and having a healthy baby. It all starts with the egg. Even if you are going in for IVF or IUI you need healthy eggs (follicles). They will evaluate your follicles to determine when you are ready for the transfer based on the size and count. By improving your nutrient status and boosting egg quality you will improve your follicle health!

The products included in the "Build Up" phase have been specifically chosen by me to enhance your nutrient status and boost egg (and sperm) quality. 

​You receive 12 unique items for the "Build Up" Phase (20 items total)

What is included in the PreconceptionProgram?

  • Cleanse kit includes Cleanse powder, liver support, GI support
  • Biotherapeutic drainage remedies to support cellular detoxification
  • The basics including your prenatals, fish oil, usable folic acid, and more 
  • Specific minerals to start supporting preconception
  • Supplement to support alkalinity
  • over 30 items are included
  • ​Over 100 cleanse-friendly recipies
  • Specific supplements to support egg quality and health
  • Adrenal support
  • Homeopathic drainage remedies to support the communication between the ovaries and the brain.
  • Bonus: Checklist to "detox" your home
  • Post consult phone call with Dr. Singh, ND

Certain products are different in the Daddy-to-be program

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you are a conscious parent-to-be. It is for you if want to optimize your health and significantly boost your chances of getting pregnant naturally (or help IVF to take the 1st time!) It is for you if you want to give your baby the best start in life.  It is designed for you to prepare and optimize your health before even trying to conceive so that you can pass on the strongest, healthiest DNA to your baby and give her the healthiest start possible.

Healthy babies come from healthy parents

Who is this program NOT for?

This program is not for you if you want to just get pregnant and do not want to take the necessary steps to optimize your health.

This program is not for you if you are not willing to stop trying to conceive for at least 3 months.
This program is not for you if you have a diagnosed medical condition that has not been addressed. You should address your specific health condition first and ensure that you are healthy enough to follow this program.*

This program may not be for you if you are very sensitive to supplements or herbal based products. Many of the products included have a combination of herbs/ vitamins/ minerals and foods in them. If you are sensitive in general then I recommend you work directly with me so I can put together a more custom program for you.

If you have specific fertility related health concerns then I strongly encourage you to first assess & address your specific conditions first. The "Conscious Conception Program" or "Work with Me" may be a better program for you because it includes an in depth assessment of your health and a comprehensive wellness plan just for you to follow. After you've addressed your specific issues then move into the Preconception Care Program.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the program or if you need help deciding which program is right for you.

*If you have any questions please contact your licensed medical provider.

Who am I?

Who am I?  I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I am  passionate about helping you get healthy and optimize your health before trying to conceive a baby because your health determines how quickly you'll get pregnant and the health of your baby. I became an ND because of my own severe illness that was diagnosed when I was 19. I overcame it and reversed the disease process but it was a journey.

Why am I so passionate? Infertility has become an epidemic. Almost 1 out of every 5 couples is considered "infertile".  Many couples will pursue expensive Clomid, IVF or IUI treatments without first addressing their health. It's like trying to build a house on a cracked foundation. I believe this is why IVF success rates are low. You must address your health first before trying to get pregnant. For many couples infertility is a sign of imbalance, deficiency or toxin overload. 

The rising rates of autism, developmental and neurodevelopmental disorders, and chronic diseases that affect our children today really upsets me.  Our society can grow and flourish if we have healthy, mentally stable people running things.  The research shows that the healthier the mom and dad are prior to conceiving their baby helps to improve the health of the baby for his or her entire life.... and can even help to improve their baby's babies!

Who do I work with ?
I work with conscious parents-to-be who who understand that their actions can impact their family and the world.  They are willing to take 3-4 months to optimize their health so that they can bring a healthier, happier, smarter baby into this world. 

I really believe that Preconception Care can save the world!

Preconception care is the best investment you can make for your family's health!

​Which Program is right for you?

Conception Program

Most comprehensive program designed to address your specific health issues, fix your fertility, and includes the Preconception Care Program

  • 2-hour initial appt with  Dr. Singh, ND
  • Blood work analysis
  • Comprehensive follow up with detailed action plan
  • 8 regular follow- ups
  • Includes the 3 month Preconception Care program


Care Program

3 month program designed to "clean up" and "build up" your health before conception

  • 30+ supplements that you need for all 3 months
  • Detailed instructions emailed to you on how to do the cleanse
  • 100+ recipes that are allowed during the cleanse
  • BONUS: Cheatsheet on how to "Detox your home"


$997 to add daddy-to-be

Work with Me

This package allows you to get more specific guidance and customized instructions based on a comprehensive intake and blood work analysis.  This is a great option to start with if you just don't know where to begin.

  • 2 hour appointment with Dr. Singh, ND
  • Blood work analysis
  • Comprehensive follow up with detailed action plan


$375 to add daddy-to-be

Special BONUS for webinar attendees!!

Sign up for the Preconception Care Program
and you will automatically get the "Work with Me" package! 
This is a bonus of $675 !!

** Must sign up by Jan 20, 2017

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