Will 2016 be your best year yet?

It can be ......... 

Clear out the gunk, reset, rejuvenate, and get focused!

Clear out the old and start fresh in 2016

Why should you reboot your health?

  • Clear out the toxins
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Gain some much needed energy
  • Get in control of your cravings
  • Balance your hormones and feel lighter
  • Have beautiful looking skin
  • Lose weight & inches
  • Get clear on your goals for 2016
  • Improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and more
  • Feel calmer, inspired, and more in control

Why reboot with me?

I am a Naturopathic Doctor who is passionate about getting healthy, staying healthy, and preventing imbalances that could lead to disease and ill health later on.  I know what it's like to suffer from a chronic disease and heal from it. I complete a reboot program 1-2 times per year and have put together a program that can benefit almost anyone.

I strongly believe that following a structured cleanse allows me to regain control over my food cravings, gain mental clarity, and helps me get focused on my goals.   I always feel amazing afterwards!

Join me! Join the Zama Reboot Program and have your best year yet!

Is the Zama Reboot Program just another detox program?

Nope. The Zama Reboot program does incorporate a cleanse which is an integral part of the program however it's different from other "detoxes" and "cleanses" being marketed. It is designed to help you focus on all aspects of your health, not just the physical aspect.  And, Dr. Singh has partnered with some of the best coaches in their field to help skyrocket your results!

Let's face it... it's a new year and detox or cleanse programs are everywhere. There are juice cleanses. There are fasting programs. There's the celery detox. I've even heard a Twinkie diet (yes, really!).  And many many more. And, although, they all may help (well, maybe not the Twinkie diet:), the one thing in common with all of these other detox programs is that they only focus on the short term physical aspects of cleansing..... AND, you're left to do it on your own. These detox programs may help you feel better in the short run but they are not designed to help you reboot your health and mindset for the long term...... but, The Zama Reboot Program is!

Most people have heard that the liver,  kidneys, gut and skin are our main organs of detoxification and should be cleansed of the toxins they've accumulated over the years.... BUT this is only one part of a good detox program. Ensuring the individuals cells... yes, all 50 trillion of them need to be supported - the little "windows" and "doors" on them need to be opened up so the toxins can get out and the good stuff can get in. This is why biotherapeutic drainage is so important!

Energy centers in our body can also get depleted and 'bent out of shape'. These energy centers, or chakras, are very important for keeping our physical body and mental and emotional states in balance. Without addressing these energy centers true cleansing cannot occur. Breathing techniques can also help to boost energy and balance our nervous system. Learning to control the breath helps to control our "monkey mind" and gain much needed focus.

Mental and emotional toxins can also be stored in our cells and tissues..... and guess what? Any negative thoughts and beliefs affect how your cells work and can set the stage for ill health later on. So, clear out the negative stored emotions and thoughts... your long term health depends on it!

The Zama Reboot Program addresses all aspects of our health-- the physical, mental, and energy centers. Cleansing all these areas and maintaining a focus on these areas for 4 weeks will not only help to achieve many short term benefits but it will also set you up to have your best year yet!

So, clear out the physical gunk so your body functions better. Clear out the mental gunk and optimize your mindset so you can achieve all that you want to achieve this year. And clear out the energetic gunk that may be holding you back from gaining all the successes in every aspect of your life!

What is included in the Zama Detox Program?

  • 3 week cleanse kit includes Cleanse powder, liver support
  • Additional support supplementation
  • 3 week supply of biotherapeutic drainage remedies
  • pH urine strips and instructions
  • Detox friendly recipes
  • Cleanse tracker
  • Energy balancing and Breathing techniques- led by Dr. Singh 2x/week
  • 15 minute post consult with Dr. Singh 
  • ​Encouragement and Accountability from the entire group
  • Bonus: How to "Detoxify your home"
  • Bonus: Private webinar hosted by a Naturopathic oncologist on how to prevent cancer or keep it from coming back! (Valued at $150)
  • Bonus: A private workshop hosted by a Mindset Coach who will teach you how to train your mind for success so that you can achieve all your dreams this year! (everyone gets a breakthrough session with her.) (Valued at $397)

Depending on the program you choose the options listed may vary

​Which Program is right for you?



3 week program for those who are sensitive or don't want to push toxins through

  • Post consult with Dr. Singh
  • Biotherapeutic drainage remedies
  • pH strips to monitor pH
  • Energy and Breathing exercises
  • All the Bonuses!


Move through

3 week program for those who are ready to push the toxins out and really detox

  • Everything in the "Open Up" package
  • Cleanse protein powder, liver support,
  • Additional cleanse support supplements


More help please

3 week program for those who are ready to push the toxins through and need extra support with shopping and cooking.

  • Everything from "Move through" program
  • Personal assistance to go shopping with
  • Personal help with cooking twice