Will 2017 be your best year yet?

It can be ......... 

Clear out the gunk, reset, rejuvenate, and get focused!

Clear out the old and start fresh in 2017

Why should you reboot your health?

  • Clear out the toxins
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Gain some much needed energy
  • Get in control of your cravings
  • Balance your hormones and feel lighter
  • Get rid of those pesky allergies
  • Get rid of bloating, gas and reflux
  • Lose weight & inches
  • Decrease joint pain 
  • Improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and more
  • Feel calmer, inspired, and more in control
  • Have beautiful looking skin

Is the Zama Reboot Program just another detox program?

Nope. The Zama Reboot program does incorporate a cleanse shake which is an integral part of the program however it's different from other "detoxes" and "cleanses" being marketed. It is designed to help you lower the inflammation in the body and release some built gunk so that your body can heal.

By raising the energy of the foods you're eating you will raise the energy of your body overall.

Inflammation is the underlying factor and cause for most degenerative and chronic diseases and that's why I keep harping on it. (I did a whole webinar on it if you're interested:)  

Most people have heard that the liver,  kidneys, gut and skin are our main organs of detoxification and should be cleansed of the toxins they've accumulated over the years.... BUT this is only one part of a good detox program. Ensuring the individuals cells... yes, all 50 trillion of them need to be supported - the little "windows" and "doors" on them need to be opened up so the toxins can get out and the good stuff can get in. This is why biotherapeutic drainage is so important! (and, most cleanses do not address this!)

Mental and emotional toxins can also be stored in our cells and tissues..... and guess what? Any negative thoughts and beliefs affect how your cells work and can set the stage for ill health later on. So, clear out the negative stored emotions and thoughts... your long term health depends on it!

The Zama Reboot Program addresses all aspects of our health-- the physical, mental, and energy centers. Cleansing all these areas and maintaining a focus on these areas for 4 weeks will not only help to achieve many short term benefits but it will also set you up to have your best year yet!

So, clear out the physical gunk so your body functions better. Clear out the mental gunk and optimize your mindset so you can achieve all that you want to achieve this year. And clear out the energetic gunk that may be holding you back from gaining all the successes in every aspect of your life!

What are some of the specifics?

Ok, let's talk details..... there are certain foods that are considered "inflammatory".
There are 8 foods that are not allowed during the cleanse.

The first week is considered the "pre-cleanse" week. During this week you will start to eliminate the "inflammatory" foods listed above and you will start to take the drainage remedies. These remedies help to 'prep' your cells and get them ready to 'let go' of stored gunk. It's like opening all the doors & windows in your house before you start dusting and sweeping.

Starting in the 2nd week you will add in the cleanse shakes. You will have 2 shakes a day along with supplements that go with them. You can eat as much food as you like in addition to the shakes however the food cannot contain any of the inflammatory foods listed above.

Weekly group sessions. I  will hold 2 sessions a week for us to meet as a group. We will do the cleansing and energizing breaths together as a group and I will share information on specific topics related to cleansing and how the body heals. If you have questions this will be your time to ask me in person! Tentatively, the sessions are scheduled as follows:
Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm we'll meet at an office location in Encinitas near El Camino & Garden View Ct.
Thursday mornings at 9:30am we'll meet at Moonlight Beach at 9:30am.

The Reboot Program is designed to help you gain back control of your life-- decrease inflammation, heal the body, conquer food cravings, and get back on track with regular Pranic breathing and energizing exercises!

Why reboot with me?

I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I am passionate about getting healthy, staying healthy, and preventing imbalances that could lead to disease and ill health later on.  I know what it's like to suffer from a chronic disease and heal from it. I complete a reboot program 1-2 times per year and have put together a program that can benefit almost anyone.

I have worked with many many patients and clients over the past 9 years and a cleanse has always been a part of the plan for most of them. A cleanse helps to "clear the fog" and decrease inflammation so you know what areas of health need attention next.

Following a structured cleanse allows me to regain control over my food cravings, gain mental clarity, and focus on the things in my life and business that I want to.  I always feel amazing afterwards!

I was diagnosed with a serious chronic disease (ulcerative colitis) when I was 19. I took steroids and was put on medication to help the suppress the symptoms. I was going to have to take this medication for the rest of my life and was told that I would likely get cancer in my 30s and that having children would likely be a challenge? I lived on the "roller coaster" ride of medications and side effects for a few years until I consulted with a Natural Medicine Doctor while living overseas. I followed his advice and was off all my meds and felt "normal" again after only 8 weeks.  I reversed my disease process entirely over the next few years. Now I help others do the same!

I would love for you to join me in the Zama Reboot Cleanse Program!

What is included in the Zama Reboot Cleanse Program?

  • 3 week cleanse kit includes Cleanse shake  powder, nutrients to support liver detoxification, digestive support*
  • 3 week supply of biotherapeutic drainage remedies
  • Immune & GI support powders
  • Detox friendly recipes (lifesaver!)
  • Weekly group sessions with me. Breathing exercises done together as a group
  • Cleanse tracker
  • 15 min post consult with Dr. Singh
  • Bonus: How to "Detoxify your home"

You receive 9 unique products in total plus handouts, instructions, and the recipe book!

I have tried many cleanses, but the Zama Reboot has been by far the most effective and gentle. I loved the many helpful health tips and being part of a group cleanse. I experienced several remarkable health improvements. For six months prior to the Reboot, I had been suffering from adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), an inflammatory condition in my left shoulder that did not improve with physical therapy or pain killers. After about two weeks into the Reboot, I noticed one morning that I was able to move my left arm again, and by the end of the cleanse had regained about 95% of the mobility in my shoulder. My energy levels also greatly improved and I have sleeping much better. I am looking forward to the next Reboot!

Lisa O

Zama Reboot Program

Full Program

4 week cleanse program

This program includes everything listed above and is designed for you if you want to focus on decreasing inflammation & moving built up toxins out of the body​



Includes all 9 products

 Join by Friday 2/3/2017

'Lite' Program

4 week cleanse program

This program not include the Cleanse shake powders or the liver detox or GI detox supplements. It is designed for you if you just want to focus on decreasing inflammation with foods. It still includes the Biotherapeutic Drainage remedies and the probiotic powder



Products included:
Drainage remedies

 Join by Friday 2/3/2017


Please email me at zamacenter@gmail.com 
or Call 760-440-8822

Some things to keep in mind.....

I am not your doctor..... By signing up for the cleanse please know that it does not establish a doctor- patient relationship between you and me or between you and Zama Center Naturopathic, Inc. If you are unsure or have questions please consult with your doctor before starting the program. 
You will sign  a Medical Disclaimer form before starting the program.

Some people may not qualify to do a cleanse.... There are some people who may have certain health issues or medical restrictions that would prevent them from doing the "Full" cleanse program. If you sign up and I determine that you are not eligible then you will get a full refund.  

No refunds......  once you sign up and pay for the program there will be no refunds given unless I determine you are not eligible for some reason so please make sure you want to do this before signing up.  
You can ask me questions before signing up!

Let's keep it a small group....... I would like to keep this group small and intimate so I will cap the # of sign ups.
So sign up soon if you're interested!

Target start date....... Friday, Feb 10th!