Conscious Conception Fertility Program

  Assess. Address. Conceive.

You are not alone

You are not alone in your struggle to get pregnant. Many couples struggle to get pregnant. It is estimated that 1 out of every 5 couples has trouble getting pregnant. But, know that there is hope. Many couples can get pregnant if they address the underlying causes of infertility.

Most infertility treatments do not address the underlying causes of infertility. Most of these treatments try to force the body get pregnant without addressing imbalances, correcting hormonal communication, or repleting nutrient deficiencies. How can this work? And, more importantly, how safe and healthy is this for mom and future baby?​

​So called "natural fertility treatments" may recommend a specific herb or exercise or even a "fertility smoothie" that promises to get your fertile. Although these are "natural" and probably won't harm you none of these things are addressing the underlying reasons for your infertility.

What is going on?

There are many factors that play a role in why a woman cannot pregnant. Here are just some of the reasons:

  • 40% of fertility issues are due to male imbalances and 40% are due to female imbalances. Many people only focus on testing and addressing the woman's health but don't leave the guys out.... sperm counts, shape, and motility all make a difference.
  • Thyroid function is critical for fertility and for your baby's neurodevelopment. If your TSH is higher than 2.0 this could be a key reason for infertility. And, know that a healthy thyroid starts with a healthy liver, gut and adrenals.... it's all connected! Don't just start taking Synthroid without addressing these other areas!
  • Sperm counts are estimated to have dropped by almost 50% worldwide! Healthy sperm is needed to make a baby and for a healthy baby!
  • Many women are choosing to wait their family until they are older..... which is totally fine but for these women it's extra important to make sure your eggs are living in a healthy environment so they're nice and strong and can help trigger all the right signals to ensure conception takes place.  Having a healthy baby after age 35 and even in your 40's is very possible!
  • Blood sugar imbalances are very common and most people do not realize that problems with blood sugar and insulin can be detrimental to your fertility.  Feeling anxious or jittery when you're hungry or feeling sleepy after a meal can all be signs of poorly regulated blood sugar. 
  • Stress! Who isn't stressed these days? High cortisol can alter your hormonal balance and make your body think fertility is not a priority.  Assessing how stress and cortisol is impacting your health, hormones, and fertility is key.
  • Hormonal imbalances can of course derail fertility.  PMS, PCOS, painful periods, fibroids, cysts are all signs that hormones need to be balanced.  And, "No, birth control pills do not fix the problem!"  They can make it worse.
  • Nutrient deficiencies can play a huge role in fertility.  Just because you're eating well doesn't mean you are absorbing your nutrients.  The right nutrients are needed to make strong DNA which makes strong and healthy eggs and sperm.  Are you sure your nutrients status is optimal?
  • Weight can definitely impact fertility. Obesity can play a huge role in the ability to get pregnant but can also affect your future baby's health so achieving an optimal is an important factor.  Being underweight can also affect ovulation and fertility so excess dieting may be counterproductive. 
  • Environmental toxins can most definitely affect fertility and who isn't exposed to toxic chemicals and endocrine disruptors? 

What is the Conscious Conception Program?

The Conscious Conception Program is a comprehensive program that focuses on achieving hormonal balance, proper cellular communication, a clean environment, a peaceful state, optimal nutrient status, and reduced inflammation......
all the things needed so your body makes fertility priority again!

Any deficiency or imbalance in any of the key 7 areas can affect your fertility. 

The Conscious Conception Program is divided into 3 distinct phases:

Phase I - Assess & Address    

Phase I focuses on assessing your health and identifying where the deficiencies or imbalances are and which one of the 7 Pillars of Fertility are affected. During this phase you will get a comprehensive plan outlining how to address the imbalances. A customized and specific protocol is designed just for you.

The 7 Pillars of Fertility include: Hormone Balance, Gut health, Adrenals, Blood sugar balance, Thyroid health, the Environment, and the HPOAT axis.

We work closely together during this phase to identify your specific fertility roadblocks and work to overcome them.

This phase includes a 1.5 hour initial appointment, Blood work analysis, Comprehensive wellness plan customized for you based on your specific analysis and results, and 6 follow-up appointments.

Phase II- Clean Up

Your health before conception determines the health of your baby and your baby's babies!

Phase II focuses on "Cleaning Up". Once you've addressed the roadblocks for your fertility the next step is to create an optimal environment for an easy conception and for your future baby.

The research is clear and indicates that the "cleaner" your cells and body are the better it is for fertility and even more importantly for your future baby's development.  The healthier and "cleaner" you are prior to conception the easier it will be to conceive and create an optimal environment for your baby.

I firmly believe that the health of mom and dad before conception plays a huge role in a child's chances of developing:
Developmental delays, Autism, ADHD, Behavioral issues, Allergies, Chronic diseases, Lowered IQ, Reproductive health issues, Metabolic issues, Cancer, Autoimmune diseases

This phase includes a complete cleanse protocol including the products needed for the cleanse. In addition, during this phase, specific products used to help "clean up" your system at the cellular level is included as well as specific products for hormonal health and communication and to help create a healthy environment for your future baby.

Phase III- Build Up

Phase III focuses on "Building Up."  Now that you have addressed your fertility roadblocks and "cleaned up" your system, the next step is to "Build Up."  Key nutrients are required to make sure you're making healthy eggs or healthy sperm.  Most prenatal care only focuses on folic acid as the only nutrient that is needed to help make a healthy baby. And, this is just not the case!  There are many nutrients that have been researched and studied for their role in making healthy eggs and sperm. A healthy egg is critical for hormonal balance and health........ and, yes, fertility.

Many nutrients are required for your future baby's brain development

This phase includes the specific products which provide the nutrients that have been researched to help with fertility and your baby's neurodevelopment. It also includes mindset and journaling activities to help ensure that your physical, mental and emotional states are ready for baby.

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if 

  • You have been "trying for a while".... months or even years
  • You took the fertility quiz which identified your roadblocks and now you're ready to address them
  • You have been told you have "unexplained infertility"
  • You are tired of going to doctors and specialists who mean well but don't take the time to address your health completely and investigate what the underlying causes are for your infertility.
  • You are considering IVF because you think you don't have any other options
  • Your sixth sense is telling you that you need to address your health holistically and completely to improve your chances of a natural conception
  • You want to greatly improve your chances of a successful IVF implantation
  • You are ready to take a more comprehensive, integrated approach to find out and address what the real underlying reasons are for your fertility.


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As a 41 year old mommy wanting to have another baby I gave in to the fear of needing to do IVF to have baby #2. Dr Reena Singh let me know that my age is not a reason to jump to IVF... That we need to see if there is a problem in the first place. After doing the blood work analysis with Dr. Singh I realized I jumped the gun into meds when if I had all the information before I could have avoided a lot of stress and $50k dollars! She's well worth the investment!

Shanda Sumpter CEO Heartcore Business

Having a child can be physically and emotionally demanding, but Dr. Singh's care was instrumental in helping me and my husband bolster our health before and during pregnancy. Her preconception and prenatal care was thoughtful, thorough and compassionate. Dr. Singh took the time to work with us and develop a holistic wellness plan which was tailored to our specific needs. Once we had our baby, Dr. Singh's postnatal care for us and our baby helped us get back in shape and handle the demands of life, work, and our bundles of joy!


I loved the course!

The course has created so much awareness for me around effects of food/diet, toxins, stress, sleep, etc. on fertility that I did not know before.

I am now following all the things I've learned and am building a healthy foundation. Dr. Singh is extremely knowledgeable and she provided me with a good holistic understanding of how getting your body ready for pregnancy starts with first building a solid foundation.

I’m over 40 and just had my annual physical and also I am currently seeing a fertility specialist.

Both doctors have been very pleased with my results and hormone levels and I owe my success to getting my body ready for pregnancy to Dr. Singh.

Dana K.

I started experiencing major fatigue, and gut issues. And I was gaining weight! I got a full blood panel done and my GP said everything was fine.... but I didn't feel fine. Dr. Singh did the blood work analysis and told me what she saw-- thyroid deficiency, overtaxed adrenals, and inflammation... all of these were contributing to my symptoms. I am so glad I didn't settle for my regular doctor's assessment and I got the blood work analysis done. After only 6 weeks of making the changes I needed to make I am already feeling so much better! Everyone should get blood work analysis done.

Madhvi Dalal

I now have no doubt that your preconception program contributed to the fact that she is such a happy and healthy baby. The amount of joy that Kylie has brought into our lives has really exceeded our expectations.

I'm so grateful for all the work you've done to help me!


My wife and I have been on a rollercoaster ride at trying to extend our family. I could go into the details of the past 4 years, multiple failed IVF cycles, surgeries, and so-on, but I will not. I just want you to know at the end of it all, the doctors told us the our best chances for success was to use a donor. I will, however, speak about our experience with the treatment from Dr. Singh. I want to be honest and tell you when I first heard about her program and what it entailed I was very skeptical and didn’t believe it would work. The only reason I decided to go along with it was I didn’t want to have any regrets later in our lives. I do not have words to express how happy I am that I did not dismiss the program from the beginning. The program involves diet and supplements, nothing too difficult to do, but it takes dedication and patience. We were on the program for about 10 months, and we ran out of time with insurance, thus we had to move forward with our IVF cycle. We have been blessed and are now expecting our own biological child and could not be happier. The only regret I have is not finding Dr. Singh earlier.

I normally never write reviews or recommendation to anything. But in this case, I wanted to reach out to those skeptical people, like me, to tell them to give this a chance.
Hope this reaches you, and you are just as blessed as my wife and I.


Husband of Hope

Husband of Hope A

I encourage all my fertility clients to participate in the Foundations Fertility course.

As a Naturopathic provider and an acupuncturist there is so much that can be done to help women become pregnant and to nurture and develop a healthy baby. However, there is only so much time during an appointment to go through all the education and necessary steps.

Dr. Singh’s fertility course contains numerous pearls and researched information to assist women in their journey to motherhood. As a provider, I can then focus on individual needs knowing my patients are utilizing the information and preparing through the activities from this course.

Shana Deneen ND, Dipl.Ac, FABNO

I would love for all of my fertility patients to use this information to learn about their bodies & fertility. There is a tremendous amount of information online about fertility and many of my patients get very confused about what to listen to. Dr. Singh's information will really help you hone in on what needs to be addressed. Her series is the best resource I have seen online, and you can learn it at home. Even if you have seen an expert, they will never have time to explain all of this information as effectively as she does. Start here if you are interested in addressing fertility more naturally

Alicia Johnson Naturopathic Doctor

AMH is not everything.... this is what Dr. Singh kept telling me. I wasn't sure at first but I followed her advice and focused on optimizing my health. Well, after a few months my cycles were so much better and overall I felt better. I finally conceived after trying for almost 2 years! I knew IVF wasn't right for me and I just had a feeling that I could get pregnant if I knew what to "fix". Well, Dr. Singh figured it out and I feel so much better! I call her a detective because she looks at things differently and figures out what the problem is. She has helped me so much in understanding how important mine and my husband's health is before trying to conceive. I know that because of her we're finally going to have our baby and that he or she will be healthy, happy and smart because of everything she's taught us! Don't waste your time on "natural cures for fertility".. everyone is different and it's important to work with someone who will figure out your particular issues.


I am a Registered Nurse (RN) and am well versed in the medical field. I had my Blood Work Analysis done with Dr. Singh. I gained a deeper understanding of how my body is functioning and how the stressors and illnesses I have had have affected my on-going health. I learned a great deal that I would not have known from just looking at my lab results. This was my first time having my blood work analyzed and I will definitely do it again. I feel like I gained a new depth of understanding on how to proceed in caring for my health.

I am so happy I had it done!


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