This effective system can address acute or chronic conditions.  Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on “The Law of Similars”. This law means that what a substance can cause it can also cure.

Homeopathy allows for very individualized care.

No two people experience the same disease or condition in the same manner. A great example is migraine headaches. The basic symptoms may be similar but that just allows for a common diagnosis code. In order to address the condition effectively it’s crucial for the practitioner to understand how exactly the patient experiences the migraine- what makes her migraine different for her? While taking the homeopathic case the patient is encouraged to freely express what she is experiencing on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  Does she want to be in a dark room or a bright room? Does noise aggravate the symptoms or not? Do cold applications make the symptoms better or worse? Does she want company or consolation? All these questions plus many more will help the doctor to find the remedy that will match the patient’s characteristic symptoms. The remedy chosen will then act on the person’s vital force and help shift her back into balance.

Three people with the same complaint most likely will get 3 different homeopathic recommendations.
Often, distinguishing between a few remedies that covers the person as a whole person can be very subtle. Occasionally a few remedies are necessary before a positive response is obtained.

Homeopathy is safe for everyone including babies, children, pregnant women, elderly, and for those who are sensitive to other forms of medicine or who have chemical sensitivities.

Homeopathy allows for the most individualized and customized care.
Dr. Singh, ND utilizes homeopathy with most of her clients because it is so effective as a stand alone therapy or as a part of a comprehensive wellness plan.