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Dr. Singh highly recommends getting the "Medicine Juice" package plus Vit D & Vit C.
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"Medicine Juice"
"Medicine Juice" Package

This package includes everything you need to make "Medicine Juice" which will support your kids' immune system throughout the season.

  • Immune Support powder
  • ArabinoImmune powder
  • HMF Powder

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Immune Support powder
Immune Support powder

Immune Support is a great tasting powder that mixes easily into water (or juice). The main herbs that make up this powder include elderberry, astragalus, and isatis which are all known to help boost immune function and fight viruses and bacteria.
It also has arabinogalactans which support the immune system and the good bacteria.

Price $28

Vit D drops
Vit D drops

Each drop of Vit D provides 400iu of Vit D. It tastes great and kids love it! 
Vitamin D is important for kid's immune function and many pediatricians today recommend that kid's get 400iu of Vit D daily.

This is great to give along with the "Medicine Juice"​.

Price $ 12

ArabinoImmune powder
ArabinoImmune Powder

This powder provides 2000mg of arabinogalactans per teaspoon.

It provides an

  • excellent source of fiber with immune enhancing effects
  • supports gut health
  • stimulates the immune system and protects against viral & bacterial infections
  • shown to have anti-cancer properties

Price $42

Vit C Chewable
Vit C Chewable

Vitamin C is fantastic when it comes to supporting the immune system.
This tasty Vit C chewable tablet is a great way to support your child's immune system. I use it as a "bribe" with my kids because they think it's candy!

90 chewable tablets

Price $16

HMF Powder

This probiotic is my favorite! It supports gut function and feeds the good bacteria. It's a powder and tastes like sugar so it's easy to get kids to take it!

Price $29

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