A healthy baby starts with a healthy you

Pre-Conception Prep

  Clean up. Build up.

If you could boost fertility, conceive easily and have a child that is
free from chronic disease would you do it?

Why is Pre-Conception Care so important?


What is going on?

  • 232 chemicals are found in the umbilical cords of newborn babies. Of these 232 chemicals: 180 cause cancer, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, 208 cause birth defects.
  • Sperm counts have dropped by 50% worldwide! Healthy sperm is needed to get pregnant and to make a healthy baby!
  • Egg quality is based on how healthy the woman is. Healthy eggs are needed for fertility and a healthy baby. Egg quality is important for fertility and a healthy baby
  • Obesity, Stress, high cortisol levels, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, hormonal imbalances can all alter the way a baby develops in the womb. It is essential to assess these markers, reduce toxin burden, and optimize nutrient status before trying to conceive!

"Preconception care is the best gift you can give yourself and your future children"

What is Pre-Conception Care?

Preconception Care is the care you give yourself 3-12 months before trying to conceive your baby. It is the time you take to optimize your health so that you can get pregnant easily but, most importantly so you can set the stage for a healthy, happy, smart baby!


There is abundant medical research, peer-reviewed scientific studies, and clinical experience supporting pre-conception care. 

Consciously conceive your baby and know that you gave her the best start possible.​

What is included in the Pre-Conception Care Program?

"Clean up"

Complete Cleanse protocol with products

The main goal of the Pre-Conception Care program is to help you "clean up". This will help to lower the level of toxins in your body which will also help to lower the potential exposure to your growing baby.  

By "cleaning up" your cells at the cellular levels communication between all the important organs can be optimized. This is super important because fertility relies on good communication between the brain and the reproductive organs!

This program will supply you with everything you need to successfully complete the "cleanse". 

In addition, you will receive further guidelines customized for you based on your blood type.

" Build Up" 

Specific nutrients for optimizing nutrient status

The main goal of the Pre-Conception Care program is to help you "clean up". This will help to lower the level of toxins in your body which will also help to lower the potential exposure to your growing baby.  Key nutrients are required to make sure you're making healthy eggs or healthy sperm.
Most preconception care only focuses on a prenatal and folic acid as the only nutrients needed to help make a healthy baby. And, this is just not the case! There are many nutrients that have been researched and studied for their role in making healthy eggs and sperm. A healthy egg is critical for hormonal balance and health........ and, yes, fertility.

Many nutrients are required for your future baby's brain development

This phase includes the specific products which provide the nutrients that have been researched to help with fertility and your baby's neurodevelopment. It also includes mindset and journaling activities to help ensure that your physical, mental and emotional states are ready for baby.

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if 

  • You have been taking oral birth control for any length of time..... birth control pills deplete your body of key nutrients needed for fertility and a healthy baby!
  • You want to "clean up" and "build up" your health status before trying to conceive your bundle of joy
  • You want peace of mind knowing that you did everything you could to help make a healthy, happy, smart baby!
  • You want to lower the risk of fertility problems
  • You want to lower the risk of predisposing your baby to chronic diseases later on in life.
  • You want to lower the risk of having a baby with autism or other neurological diseases.
  • You want to set yourself up for an easy pregnancy and recovery after baby is born


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Having a child can be physically and emotionally demanding, but Dr. Singh's care was instrumental in helping me and my husband bolster our health before and during pregnancy. Her preconception and prenatal care was thoughtful, thorough and compassionate. Dr. Singh took the time to work with us and develop a holistic wellness plan which was tailored to our specific needs. Once we had our baby, Dr. Singh's postnatal care for us and our baby helped us get back in shape and handle the demands of life, work, and our bundles of joy!

Becky M

I found this course to be thoroughly enlightening and engaging.

The videos are very informative and do not take a lot of your time, which is important.

Everyone else just wants to give a quick fix and slap a band aid on the issue without actually delving deep below the surface. But this course helps get to the root of the issues and gives so many tools and resources to help start addressing those issues.

I did fertility treatments for three years and not one doctor addressed my weight issue or the underlying issues.

It was simply Western medicine with many medications and injections involved.

Dana K.

I loved the course!

The course has created so much awareness for me around effects of food/diet, toxins, stress, sleep, etc. on fertility that I did not know before.

I am now following all the things I've learned and am building a healthy foundation. Dr. Singh is extremely knowledgeable and she provided me with a good holistic understanding of how getting your body ready for pregnancy starts with first building a solid foundation.

I’m over 40 and just had my annual physical and also I am currently seeing a fertility specialist.

Both doctors have been very pleased with my results and hormone levels and I owe my success to getting my body ready for pregnancy to Dr. Singh.

Husband of Hope A

My wife and I have been on a rollercoaster ride at trying to extend our family. I could go into the details of the past 4 years, multiple failed IVF cycles, surgeries, and so-on, but I will not. I just want you to know at the end of it all, the doctors told us the our best chances for success was to use a donor. I will, however, speak about our experience with the treatment from Dr. Singh. I want to be honest and tell you when I first heard about her program and what it entailed I was very skeptical and didn’t believe it would work. The only reason I decided to go along with it was I didn’t want to have any regrets later in our lives. I do not have words to express how happy I am that I did not dismiss the program from the beginning. The program involves diet and supplements, nothing too difficult to do, but it takes dedication and patience. We were on the program for about 10 months, and we ran out of time with insurance, thus we had to move forward with our IVF cycle. We have been blessed and are now expecting our own biological child and could not be happier. The only regret I have is not finding Dr. Singh earlier.

I normally never write reviews or recommendation to anything. But in this case, I wanted to reach out to those skeptical people, like me, to tell them to give this a chance.
Hope this reaches you, and you are just as blessed as my wife and I.


Husband of Hope

Shanda Sumpter CEO Heartcore Business

As a 41 year old mommy wanting to have another baby I gave in to the fear of needing to do IVF to have baby #2. Dr Reena Singh let me know that my age is not a reason to jump to IVF... That we need to see if there is a problem in the first place. After doing the blood work analysis with Dr. Singh I realized I jumped the gun into meds when if I had all the information before I could have avoided a lot of stress and $50k dollars! She's well worth the investment!


Dr. Singh is more than a Naturopathic Doctor to me, she is my friend, my therapist, my cheerleader, my secret fertility guru. I am so grateful I put my trust in her and worked with her exclusively for the past year and a half.
When I reached out to Dr. Singh, I started with the blood work analysis, which revealed areas we could immediately address. Having undergone many failed IVF cycles, an ectopic pregnancy, chemical pregnancies and multiple gynecological surgeries I decided to try a naturopathic approach as a last resort. I was never told there could be another way. Being surgically diagnosed with Endo in my twenties I was put on Lupron post surgery and suppressed on birth control pills for years. I was told then by my gynecologist not waste time and to see a fertility specialist if I was not able to get pregnant within 6 month. And so it began, shortly after getting married, I felt pressure to get pregnant. I was 26 at the time my fertility journey and uphill battle started. I started with an IUI in order to prove to my insurance that I indeed needed IVF. Once the IUI failed, we were approved for IVF. It was a very emotional process and after our 3rd attempt we got pregnant only to discover it was an ectopic.

I felt less than as an infertile woman. I was blamed for my miscarriage. I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to have children and this constantly ate away at me. I always wanted children and never imagined myself without. It took many years and in my personal experience, I can’t say I ever got over my miscarriage or all of my arrested embryos. Endo, painful heavy periods, random stabbing pain, excessive IVF stimulation drugs, multiple surgeries to address Endo, and failed IVF cycles had become my normal. I had just accepted it. Each time I visited a health care professional or had my annual gynecological appointment each mention of painful periods, back pain, foot pain, was just shrugged off and I was constantly reminded of the fact that this is normal for the stage of Endometriosis I have.

Surgery that would lead to some initial relief but only add to my scar tissue was always offered as a solution to the pain. Desperate for more answers, I had consulted with an Endo Specialist, I was basically told to continue doing what I was doing and that there really wasn’t anything more I could do for my condition. It wasn’t until 13 years later ( and 3 more failed IVF cycles) when I accidentally discovered Dr. Singh that I was told there is another way. With no working fallopian tubes, I would still need IVF to get pregnant, but for the first time, I could address the inflammation in my body and start to heal my gut and systematically work to support all my areas in my body that were not working optimally as indicated in my blood work analysis. I could do this naturally without prescription drugs by using food and supplements. It would require work on my end but I decided to commit and try something new. I owed it to myself to try.

Dr. Singh would ask me so many questions and really took the time to get to know ALL of me: my backstory, my medical history, my family dynamics, my setbacks, my dreams and my core beliefs. Our monthly check-ins became a safe space to address so many questions and her knowledge, tips, cheerful and caring demeanor was always so nurturing. My favorite and hardest homework assignment was not thinking about my fertility or anything related to wanting a baby. I was asked to commit to this for a year. For the first time in my life, I was told not to think about wanting a baby. This was a change of pace from the hurry up, don’t dilly dally, you must act now if you want a baby message I had been receiving from 26 years old. Instead, I was to start a gratitude journal, commit to visualizations, and healing my body by following my Wellness Plan to the best of my ability.

I can go on and on singing Dr. Singh’s praises. Having worked with Dr. Singh over the past year and a half, I have made sacrifices and put in the hard work but I gained a lot in the process. I dropped 18lbs, reduced the chronic inflammation in my body, improved my egg health, found a new sense of gratitude and am hopeful again!

Dr. Singh believed in my body’s ability to heal and get pregnant when I didn’t. She was there to help me bounce back from the setbacks and to cheer me on with the small victories and the large ones. My husband and I respect Dr. Singh and are so grateful to have her by our side during our IVF journey.

I am currently expecting our first child.

My only regret is not finding her sooner.

Thank you Dr. Singh for your passion and dedication to helping couples like myself overcoming their fertility challenges.

Amy Tyler Naturopathic Doctor


All I can say is WOW! This course is amazing! ​
Whether a woman will be conceiving naturally or using assisted reproductive technology, following Dr. Singh's valuable guidelines on nutrition, sleep optimization, stress reduction, and toxin reduction will set the stage for a healthier mother and child. I love the way the course is designed in weekly modules, making it a quick and easy way to learn this information which would otherwise take hours and hours of research to learn. Each module also contains a 'mission', providing simple and concrete steps that can be taken to implement the information provided. Dr. Singh has distilled the art of preconception care into a concise, research-backed, and easy to understand course. Her friendly and positive approach provides this important information in a format that is accessible and actionable. Thank you Dr. Singh for providing this wonderful course!


I now have no doubt that your preconception program contributed to the fact that she is such a happy and healthy baby. The amount of joy that Kylie has brought into our lives has really exceeded our expectations.

I'm so grateful for all the work you've done to help me!


AMH is not everything.... this is what Dr. Singh kept telling me. I wasn't sure at first but I followed her advice and focused on optimizing my health. Well, after a few months my cycles were so much better and overall I felt better. I finally conceived after trying for almost 2 years! I knew IVF wasn't right for me and I just had a feeling that I could get pregnant if I knew what to "fix". Well, Dr. Singh figured it out and I feel so much better! I call her a detective because she looks at things differently and figures out what the problem is. She has helped me so much in understanding how important mine and my husband's health is before trying to conceive. I know that because of her we're finally going to have our baby and that he or she will be healthy, happy and smart because of everything she's taught us! Don't waste your time on "natural cures for fertility".. everyone is different and it's important to work with someone who will figure out your particular issues.

Shana Deneen ND, Dipl.Ac, FABNO


I encourage all my fertility clients to participate in the Foundations Fertility course.

As a Naturopathic provider and an acupuncturist there is so much that can be done to help women become pregnant and to nurture and develop a healthy baby. However, there is only so much time during an appointment to go through all the education and necessary steps.

Dr. Singh’s fertility course contains numerous pearls and researched information to assist women in their journey to motherhood. As a provider, I can then focus on individual needs knowing my patients are utilizing the information and preparing through the activities from this course.


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