There are many elements to the ZamaBaby Preconception Program and Fertility Program.

These elements have been derived from the following systems or modalities:


Naturopathic Medicine approaches the body as a whole, interconnected being. It is based on the premise that the body has the innate ability to heal

A Naturopathic Doctor works to find the underlying cause of dysfunction or disease and uses natural therapies to help the body reverse the disease process so that you can regain and achieve optimal health. Naturopaths work in conjunction with your licensed doctor in order to provide complementary natural therapies to the treatments that your doctor recommends.….. read more

Functional Medicine seeks to find the underlying causes of disease as opposed to just treating the symptoms which allows for more personalized care.

Ask yourself: “If the leaves on your apple tree were all turning brown would you just paint the leaves green?”

Most people would agree that would be absurd… more

bloodworkBlood work analysis provides information about your blood work results based on “optimal” ranges and not the “reference ranges” provided by the lab. Get the most out of your blood work!

Have you been told “your blood tests are normal” but you know something just isn’t right? Or, do you have chronic disease conditions that run in your family that you would like to try and prevent? Have you been struggling with infertility ……read more

Nutrition supplies each cell and our body as a whole with all the required building blocks it needs to function. Food is medicine and provides the foundation of health.

Every cell in the body requires adequate nutrition to function… more

“Food is our medicine” – Hippocrates

Homeopathy is based on “The Law of Similars”.

This system of medicine allows for very individualized treatment.

No two people experience the same disease or condition in the same manner…read more

Botanicals or herbs are medicinal preparations made from various plant parts that can induce healing in the body. Different parts of a medicinal plant can exert different pharmacological actions on the body… more

Detoxification is crucial for our bodies to clear out the toxins that we’re constantly exposed to and maintain a system that is able to function at its optimum

When preparing the body for fertility and to carry a baby it is imperative to clean out the these toxins. We are exposed to over 80,000 synthetic chemicals from our environment. and many of these toxins can interfere with fertility..… more

Environmental medicine studies how environmental factors influence disease. This field has become more and more prominent as more and more chemicals are introduced into our environment.

Multiple chemical sensitivities, reproductive difficulties, chronic fatigue, and behavioral conditions are just some of the health issues correlated to the toxin overload….read more