Miscarriages linked to poor sperm quality

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Multiple miscarriages may be linked to poor sperm quality.

Sperm health matters!!

A recent study found that in women who had experienced miscarriages the sperm involved had higher levels of DNA damage.

Until now almost all of the focus is always on the woman but we now know that sperm plays a huge role in a healthy pregnancy.

“…. sperm dictates the health of a pregnancy.  Previous research suggests sperm has an important role in the formation of the placenta, which is crucial for oxygen and nutrient supply to the foetus.”- Dr. Channa Jayasena

The research team involved in the study found that sperm had twice as much DNA damage in those women who suffered from multiple miscarriages. 

The DNA damage is triggered by ROS, reactive oxygen species.  It was found that sperm had a 4-fold increase in the amount of ROS in those women who suffered from multiple miscarriages.

Dr. Jayasena also says “it has taken medicine a long time to realize sperm health has a role to play in miscarriage – and that the cause doesn’t lie solely with women. Now we realize both partners contribute to recurrent miscarriage, we can hopefully get a clearer picture of the problem and start to look for ways of ensuring more pregnancies result in a healthy baby.”

So, what can your man do to improve his sperm quality?

Sperm quality is a reflection of a man’s overall health so the first thing to do is reduce inflammation, optimize metabolic function, and boost nutrient stores.

Typically, you will only hear about zinc to help support sperm quality but the reality is all the nutrients matter so it’s important to make sure digestion is working well so he is absorbing and assimilating the nutrients from his food.  Inflammation can disrupt absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Stress and environmental toxins have also been found to impair sperm quality and health. It is important to address the foundation first before loading up on a bunch of supplements.

The woman is usually the one who takes on all the responsibility of improving her health and her egg quality but it’s time we understand that the man’s health is equally as important for fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

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Please remember it’s not just about getting pregnant…. it’s about having the healthiest pregnancy and healthiest baby possible… this starts with you.

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