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Dr. Singh has made such an impact on my life.  I am so very, very thankful for her help and expertise.  In April 2012, we met to thoroughly discuss my health history.  She had me do a lot of blood work and urinalysis.  With those test results, she was able to plan my recovery to good health.  The tests showed many areas of concern, but I particularly remember that my adrenal glands were depleted/not working properly.  My body was filled with inflammation.  Dr. Singh had me begin a regimen of supplements, enzymes, protein, and homeopathic remedies.   I also made some changes in my diet.  Dr. Singh said that when my gut was healed, my spots would go away.  I am happy to say that my spots have gone away; and I believe I am definitely on the road to good health again.  “Find the Root Cause” is her motto.  Instead of just treating the symptoms like most physicians would do, Dr. Singh finds the root cause.  I am so thankful for all she has done for me!”  –Barb R, Austin, Texas

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“I’m 27 years old and I started seeing Dr. Singh in March of 2012 after I finally admitted to myself that the health issues I’ve been struggling with the past 10 years were just not getting any better. When I was 17, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder that caused a range of problems because I refused to eat almost anything and gain weight to a healthy level. The loss of my menstrual cycle came first, followed by liver issues, vitamin deficiencies, acne, periodic night sweats, digestive issues, allergies, and asthma. Today, although I have recovered mentally from the ED and maintained a healthy weight for years, I never made a full recovery physically. Feeling ashamed and stressing daily over my health, I wanted nothing more than to get it back and I knew the best chance to try and make that happen was to find an ND that could help me. At my first appointment with Dr. Singh, I was very nervous and although it was hard for me to talk about these things, in no way did she make me feel uncomfortable. We discussed in detail the timeline of my health over the past 10 years and after some comprehensive blood work, Dr. Singh developed a personalized wellness plan for me that included nutrition, botanicals, and homeopathy. Choosing Dr. Singh as my ND is by far the best decision I’ve ever made for my health.  After just 5 months, my periodic night sweats have gone away, my digestion and skin has improved, and I no longer have a need for my allergy and asthma prescriptions! As an avid runner, I’m thrilled to be able to enjoy my favorite pastime even more now that I have little to no asthma symptoms. I have more energy, I am happier, and feel a lot less stressed than I ever remember being in a long time! I feel like I have a piece of myself back that I lost years ago and thanks to Dr. Singh, I have an optimistic outlook that my health will continue to get better over the coming months!” – Kimberly, Austin TX


“I am so grateful for the work Dr. Singh has done with my husband, Wayne.  Wayne was diagnosed with prostate cancer the month after I began seeing Dr. Singh (May 2012).  We immediately decided that we should get Wayne an appointment with her also.  Our hope was that we could slow the cancer growth and/or possibly rid his body of the cancer.

Dr. Singh met with Wayne to discuss his health history and did the blood work and urinalysis as I did.  She made a health plan for him (protein, supplements, enzymes, homeopathic remedies, and diet changes) which he has followed for the past 2 years.  After one year on this regimen, his PSA had gone down slightly and his annual biopsy showed the cancer was about the same.

However, this year (after 2 years of being on Dr. Singh’s regimen), the biopsy showed NO CANCER.  There are still 3 “hotspots” that the urologist is watching, but we are rejoicing with the news of this latest report!   The urologist was amazed at the biopsy results, but we know that the good report is more evidence of Dr. Singh’s expertise and much prayer.”- Barb R, Austin, TX


“I went to Dr. Singh for a plethora of symptoms I was having and I was quite surprised to notice a huge difference the very same day I started taking the homeopathic remedies she gave me. It was almost instantaneous.  Dr. Singh is wonderful. She spends so much time with you to help narrow down what is going on in your body, and she isn’t limited by traditional medicine thinking which is exactly what I needed after seeing many, many practitioners over so many years. Thank you, Dr. Singh!”- SK, Harker Heights, TX


“After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age 15, my doctors put me on steroids and methotrexate.  The treatment worked for about a year after which I had another flare up.  We tried a few more different medications that did not help at all.  Our next option was to start on Remicade infusions or consider surgery.
Before we made that decision, my mom decided to search for alternative therapies. Luckily, she found Dr. Singh.  We went for an initial consultation where we talked about all that had taken place.  She suggested that we do a thorough blood analysis.  She then put me on a naturopathic plan that included nutrition, homeopathy, and supplements.  This helped heal what was damaged.
I appreciate the fact that she did not give up on me and took the time to repeatedly analyze what was going on and make adjustments to the therapy.  Thanks to Dr. Singh, I have been symptom free for almost two years now.  Dr. Singh’s treatment really work and I do not have to take any of the other medications that gave me lots of side effects in the past.” – NM, Austin, TX


“In early 2005 I developed a chronic cough and was diagnosed with Acid Reflux Disease (LPR). I went to multiple doctors who all told me the same thing: I would have to take several medications for the rest of my life, and that I should really consider having surgery done on my esophagus. I was fed up and I knew, and believed, that my body had the power to heal itself. Having never been to an ND before I was nervous about seeing Dr. Singh. When I went in to see her for the first time she was very patient and listened to everything I had say, whereas I always felt rushed and handed pills at all the other traditional doctor’s offices. It didn’t take her long to help me isolate my problem and after just a few short weeks on a homeopathic remedy I already could tell a difference. It has now been about 7 months and my chronic cough is completely gone! I really enjoy working with Dr. Singh and I feel that she genuinely does care about my health. I highly recommend her.” – Preston M., Austin, Tx


“Dr. Singh is wonderful!
My 2 year old son had a chronic “rattle” in his chest for about 8 months that I could not get to go away.  After going to an MD several times and being put on several different antibiotics, with no resolve, I found Dr. Singh and decided to give her a try.  I am so glad I did!  She was so thorough and spent so much time with my son and I, gathering a very detailed health history from his birth to present.  She really cares and considers every system in the body to figure out where the problem is coming from.  Dr. Singh takes time to find out what is causing the problem, she does not just try to fix the symptoms.  She addressed my son’s overall health, and had his rattle cured in just 3-4 visits!  I am so grateful for Dr. Singh’s care and would highly recommed her services to anyone, old or young, who is looking for someone to help them obtain better health!  Thank you Dr. Singh!” — ~Adrian, Ft. Hood, TX


“I’m a 55 year old woman who has suffered from osteoarthritis which has gotten progressively worse for the last 30 years.  I was in constant pain, day and night, and was getting very little sleep.  I did some research online and found Dr. Singh.  I had never been to a Naturopath before, but was very impressed with her interest in me as a complete person; my emotional, spiritual and physical health.  After that first visit I started to understand the possible connections between all these things and my physical symptoms.  Dr. Singh eventually found the right homeopathic remedies to give me the results I needed.  Within three days of starting them, I noticed the significant difference I had been hoping for.  Now, I very rarely need the pain tincture and take no OTC pain relievers at all!  If you are seeing Dr. Singh, trust that she will work with you and continue to support you in your journey back to health.  Everyone should have a Dr. like Dr. Singh!  I’m so glad I found her!!” – Robin,  Leander, TX
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“I took the  homeopathic remedy on the way home from my appointment.  Of course I wasn’t expecting anything to happen right away since this kind of healing, the body healing itself, takes time.  You can imagine how shocked I was that evening when I  realized that I felt limber.  I could wiggle my fingers, and there was no stiffness.  Same with all my joints.  The best was that I could pop up from the floor (I was down there wiping little dog paws) without pushing off the side of a chair.  I hadn’t been able to do that for months. I felt 5 years joint younger :)  This meant I could consider working at a job again that required – well movement.  I surely plan to continue seeing Dr. Singh at Austin ND.”    – Kim O., Austin, TX


“I just wanted to let you know that I have already seen a significant improvement in my gut’s behavior since starting the new supplements Thursday morning, which I find to be nothing short of a miracle! I appreciate the work you do and am really looking forward to continually benefiting from your expertise.  My hubby is as excited that I found you as I am!  :-)”  -PR, Carlsbad, Tx


“At age 47, I had begun having chronic cardiac arrhythmias which at one point were so intense I thought I was having a heart attack.  I was frustrated with both my general practitioner and cardiologist, who said I was in good health and that the arrhythmias were nothing to be concerned about.  I wanted someone to help me understand their underlying cause and help me get rid of them without prescription drugs or surgery.  I was skeptical when I made my first appointment with Dr. Singh but she spent so much time asking me questions.  She took all of my issues seriously even ones my other doctors had told me were insignificant or imaginary.  These included years of dealing with hypoglycemia, “foggy brain”, anxiety, low energy, headaches, intense menstrual cramps, and chronic cough, and insomnia. I have experienced many other health improvements that have been unexpected yet so appreciated!  The most significant and obvious of these has been the elimination of the debilitating menstrual cramps I used to have for 30 years. They used to be so bad that all I could do was writhe in pain for two days every month.  I was so excited that I emailed Dr. Singh right away, telling her “This is one of the best Christmas presents I could imagine.”   Following a three-week detox program my energy level was comparable to what I remember from my 20s.  I had no problems hiking up and down hills and maintaining energy and stamina throughout the day. I have also noticed a reduced severity of many allergic reactions.  The contrast in my overall health from where I was last year is like night and day.  I also keep improving my diet and exercise.  With all of the unexpected and significant improvements experienced so far, I am looking forward to what surprises await this next year!”
– Lisa , Austin, TX
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“I was referred to Dr. Singh by my primary care physician because I am so sensitive to traditional pharmaceutical medications and can’t take them.  I consistently had high blood pressure and came to Dr. Singh for help.  Since becoming her client, I have completely stopped my blood pressure medication and my blood pressure has remained normal thanks to the herbal formula that Dr. Singh put together for me. I am now a strong proponent of homeopathic & naturopathic care.” – JB, Austin, Tx

“For two and a half years I experienced a wide range of cystic acne and in later stages blisters that made even showering a painful experience. I tried almost everything with the exception of Accutane. Within the first month of working with Dr. Singh my skin had dramatically improved and with certain supplements I noticed almost immediate results. Through working with Dr. Singh my over all health has improved and I have gained a greater understanding of balanced living! Thank you, Dr. Singh!”- Georgia, Austin, TX


“Ever since my son was a baby, his tonsils were always swollen.  Never infected, but always swollen up really big.  When I asked his regular doctor about this, she said some kids are just like that, and if the swollen tonsils continued to interfere with his breathing, they would remove the tonsils.  I thought the swollen tonsils must be a sign of some underlying issue, and took my three-year-old to see Dr. Singh.  After following her dietary and supplementary suggestions for a couple months, the swelling started to go down.  My son’s tonsils are now smaller than they have ever been, and are continuing to improve.  He now sleeps with his mouth closed.  Dr. Singh seems to have pinpointed sensitivities he has to certain foods and has helped us support his overall health and immune system.  I really appreciate her approach to care, which is to evaluate the patient’s full health picture, rather attempting to treat one individual symptom.  It is also nice to have a doctor who isn’t rushed and takes the time to listen and address any questions you have.”- Bridget, Llano, Tx


“I have been seeing Dr Singh for about 9 months now. She is thorough, friendly and has really been great in guiding me towards better health. I came to her because I was concerned about my hair not growing and not only are we beginning to turn that around with some supplements that are correcting some deficincies, but she has found some underlying issues that she is addressing VERY successfully with a homeopathic remedy!! I couldn’t be more pleased, and I would highly recommend her!”- Shana, Austin, Tx


“I have been told by several doctors that I had varying conditions: immune system in hyperdrive, allergies, unknown skin condition, exercise induced asthma.  The treatments offered were steroids, weekly injections, topical creams and prescription strength inhalers.  My aim has always been to improve my health and each of these solutions was aimed at treating a symptom and all failed.  Only now that I have been working with Dr. Singh have I confirmed my belief that all of these symptoms are somehow connected.  Over the years the longevity of these symptoms have taken a toll on my health- diminished eyesight, chronic congestion, dulled senses and memory loss. Now, with Dr. Singh’s help and guidance I am experiencing improvement with my every level,  I no longer need reading glasses, and I’m not congested until I eat something I know I shouldn’t.  The fog has lifted from my brain and I’m sharper and more confident, and, oh yes, I almost forgot, my memory has improved too!  My skin is improving and I have every confidence that I will be relieved of this affliction that I have suffered from since childhood.  Dr. Singh is the doctor I have been seeking to help me reach optimum health!”- Donald, Austin Tx


“I consulted Dr. Singh for a skin problem that I had previously consulted dermatologists &  homeopaths for. I was impressed with her thorough questionnaire to research my medical & dietary history. I started following her recommendations, & was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my skin improved, as evidenced by “before” & “after” photos over 2 months. I would be pleased to recommend her to anyone looking for a holistic healing approach & have in fact recommended her to many of my friends already.”- UD, Houston, Tx


“I have been going to Dr. Singh for several months now for treatment of a nagging and recurring sore throat and cough.  Before beginning her treatment, I would count on getting sick every couple of months. Since Dr. Singh has been treating me, the throat troubles have gone away. An added benefit has been an increase in energy and a feeling of overall well being. Dr. Singh took the time to understand my body and identified the deficiencies I had after the birth of my child. I love her caring and personal approach and have already recommended her to friends!” –  TK, Austin TX


“I have been seeing Dr. Singh for the last three and half years for my kids and she has been an absolute delight to work with. She is extremely thorough in understanding all the symptoms the child is facing from both a physical and mental standpoint. She follows up regularly to find out how the child is doing and if any symptoms have changed and then recommends the appropriate remedy accordingly. My two children have hugely benefited from Dr. Singh’s treatments and we no longer have to struggle with bad tasting medicines that only treat the symptoms and not the cause. Thank you Dr. Singh for continuing to keep my kids healthy!” -SD, Austin, TX


“I am a 35 year old mother of two who has had to suffer through one UTI after another since pregnancy and beyond. I was tired of going to my family practitioner only to have to go through an expensive 7 day antibiotic course each time. Dr. Singh took the time to really understand all my symptoms and recommended a remedy that got me 100% better by the very next morning. Now, I am far less worried about getting another UTI as Dr. Singh has shown me there is a much more natural and inexpensive solution to getting over them.” -RM, Katy, TX